Monday, November 14, 2005

Today woke up at 12pm wiv my head spinning..

Mmm.. Recently i've been spending money like nobody's business.. Well yeah, in fact i dunno y too.. >.<" Wad has gotten over me?

Yst my grandma cooked my favourite dish for my bdae.. Chilli crabs!! And my aunt gave me a BIG red packet.. But.... My bdae is 4 days away, nt yst.. Weird..

Today i went out for my lunch and bought Raven some toys n stuffs.. Hees*!

15 days - 3more weeks to holiday!! To perm or to rebond??!! To put extentsion or not to??!! To cut or let it grow??!! Feeling so vexed n confused~ One step wrong and that is the end of my hair.. >.< .. Hahs*

Mabelyn : Feelings come n goes~