Friday, November 04, 2005

Today woke up at 9plus.. Met coffee on bus and the rest of my fren at Jurong East at 11am.. We wanted to take cab to Sentosa de but those taxi drivers said today public holiday there sure heavy traffic jam den none willing to drive.. DUH!! At first we went to Palawan beach, stayed there for awhile den the rain started to drizzle.. Lols.. Kinda cooling.. After that went to Siloso beach, love there man.. The place, the wind, the sea n of coz they peeps there.. xD

About 4pm, wendy's fren brought some alcohol and oooommmgggg.. After 1 bottle, Wendy's face was like.. Urm.. Cooked? So red, So warm.. And she felt giddy/headache n a little nausea xD Then Huiyan was like laughing away non stop.. Maybe becuz its her first time touching alcohol n she cannot take it.. She was darn darn high..

We stayed here n watch sunset.. How romantic it wud be if u r watching wiv the 1 u luv ya? Lols* We went back to jurong, Jurong Point to have our dinner.. At first wanna eat sushi but Junkeat dun wan so we went to KFC.. =.=" Gonna put on weight!! And yea, Coffee sent me home and watched teevee till 11pm and offf. . he went home..

Mabelyn : You must be crazy, mad and out of ur mind to say all those that night.. But i'll forget it.. I'll try.. No matter how hard; no matter how many obstacles i have to face.. )) x