Monday, November 21, 2005

Yst at about 2pm+ or so, I brought Raven to Derek's house to burn Reaching For The Stars into cdr so that he can save the time n trouble to send me.. Stayed there for about 1hr + and showed me alot of funny clips n movies.. Lols* I left his house at 4+ n went to Jurong Point to accompany coffee to get some stuffs..

Today i went to bugis n shop till i drop! Yea, spent money like nobody's business again.. Lols* Dunno bomb how many bombs already but i bought aloooot of my fav stuffs.. grins*

Yay~ 2 more weeks till holiday!! Just 10 more days of work.. *endure endure endure* Just 2 weeks.. *waits patiently*

Mabelyn : Baby; can u hear my heart calling for u?