Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Yst Huiyan appeared at my house holding a big bdae cake.. Sooooooo surprised! And lata on, she got drunk again.. xD Kept vomiting n vomiting at my house so i asked Junkeat to send her home; to her doorstep.. Lols* But Junkeat himself vomited twice too.. xD All left my place at 10pm sharp.. And after they left, i went up to my bedroom, lie on my bed n fell asleep right away.. So so so tired.. But thanks lotsa..

Haven been wearing spects for quite some time .. >.<

Today morning shift.. Basically i was slacking ard for the whole shift.. Especially after 11pm when the noon shift students start making their way into the ward.. hahhaas* When i took off my specs i turned wild.. disturb them; tease them; joke wiv them.. But when i put on, professional image.. =P All cant stand me.. Too playful >.<>.<

Mabelyn : True fren/love never dies..