Thursday, November 10, 2005

Yst saw YuQiang on my way to work.. I didnt notice i boarded the same bus wiv him till we alight.. Someone walked towards me n sat beside me at the bus stop den i raise my head up n see "oohh, YuQiang" Hahas.. He become so shuai.. xD

My red highlight was very obvious but teacher nv catch me.. Lols* My mates were all saying, Y she catch all those brown n blonde highlight instead of red? Lucky me.. Anyway if she really catch i wont do anything about it cuz i will not dye back my hair to black..

Think i gonna do hair extension during the first day of my holiday.. Hehes.. I wan a long long purple tail behind my back..

Today after work, Coffee came over again, we brought Raven to the park n ambulate him.. And those kids in the park were scaring him.. Hitting him with their balls.. Freak them.. But coffee defended Raven.. Lols* We also nv do much about it cuz they r kids after all.. =P

I dunno how to survive for the next few weeks without Eileen or Huixing.. My new ward is darn boring.. So free, free till nth to do..

And now, i m off to bed.. My eyes are closing.. Really enjoyed myself today.. Hehes*

Mabelyn : 17 more days to holiday =D