Monday, December 26, 2005

Wth?! Its 4 in the morning and i m actually still blogging at tis time? lols* Gonna be a long entry.

On sat, I received a call at 9pm from YuQiang asking me to go town to countdown so i asked Huiyan along. I left home at 10.15 asked my dad to drive me to JE mrt station to meet Huiyan. When we reached somerset, we walked out of the station and saw JiaJie, i was like so shocked, cuz no pple told me hes going also and its been ages since i last saw him. Still as handsome as before, his gf also very pretty! Everyone was spraying ribbons and snow like mad. When we crossed the traffic light, a grp of peeps behind us sprayed at us. And Huiyan slipped n fell rite infront of Chengwee.. Guess he saw everything =P n yea, Derek was sprayed till zzz by his fren.. Mr SnowMan ya.. lols*

After the countdown, we parted with JiaJie n her gf n went to KFC to drink something. Then abt 1am or so, ChyeGuan needa accompany her gf for movie so buhbyee n we walked v long to hail a cab. Huiyan me n derek 1 cab, YuQiang n Chengwee another.

Reached my place which is also derek's place [cuz we stay near] at 2am sharp. Huiyan, me n Derek sat down at the park there n chit chat n concluded that after our shower, we'll go out n grab a bite to fill my empty stomach! [ The mac ova here is open 24hrs daily so.. ] Huiyan was rather shy, she didnt dare to shower @ my place.. I had to force her cuz we were damn sticky.. lols* We meet under blk 154 @ 4am and YuQiang's eyes were like kinda red alrdy.. Too slpy.. After eating, slack awhile under the void deck actually wanted to wait for Chyeguan to come over but it started to pour. I did not went home with Huiyan.

Chyeguan arrived. All of us went over to Derek's place to chit chat n play n we stayed there till 8am.. Sun is out, Skies clear, time to get back home n get some sleep. So i left derek's house n walk back home. Its really near so 3mins will reach my house. Huiyan took her stuffs from my room and went back. I wanted to accompany her to the bus stop, but my eye lids are starting to get heavy. But when i lied onto my cosy bed, i cant slp.. =/

I woked up at 2pm in the noon.. =P Cuz of Raven's barking!!

Mabelyn : Numb me.