Sunday, January 01, 2006

Cool uh? 6.30am! Still not sleeping yet?! Finally, 2005 had past and congrats on the arrival of 2006. Hopefully it will be a better year ahead!

Basically today i was late for 1hr, well, nt just me but with Derek, CW and Huiyan.. We were late for 1hr to meet some frens and we kept them waiting! We were suppose to reach at 3pm but we ended up reaching at nearly 4!
>> Went to cine to have our lunch, after that played pool at Kpool. Took some funny pics in the lift!
>> 6.30pm went to take some neoprints! All look kinda cute!
>> 7pm went to Hereen n shopped for awhile

After that, had to travel back to west, IMM to meet YQ and CG cuz Huiyan n me went to accompany them to Giant n buy all the foods for tml's BBQ.. Was surprised to see Melv there, didnt know they called him along.. Hes now botak cuz serving NS in TeKong.. lols* We went to eat our dinner at Burger King @ 10.45pm after that, CW, Melv n Huiyan took bus home.. And me, Derek, YQ n CG sat cab home~

Mabelyn : im still in love with you.