Sunday, January 22, 2006

Sch has already started for 1 week. Argh. I hate my new timeable and everything! On the first day of sch i was caught ALOT of times for my red coloured hair and long fringe. Duhx! Nurses teachers are old fashioned naggy animals. Even my strawberry pair of ear studs also cannot wear.. Hey, i mean.. Whats wrong with it anyway. Sch rules say only 1 pair of ear studs is allowed and i only wore 1 pair. And why the fuck do i have to remove them? So when i go sch everyday i have to use dark brown hairspray to cover the highlighted red hair.

Yst i went to sch with YuQiang, our lesson starts @8am so we met 6.30 @ lakeside mrt den we took mrt to sch. At Tanah Merah, saw Eileen n pals so we went to sch together. School ended at 10.30am cuz 1 lesson was cancelled. Initially it was suppose to end at 2.30pm. So we went to grab a bite at Coffee Heavens? Ahh.. Dunno if that is the name.. After eating, went to the bazzar there to find YuQiang awhile. Acutally after sch wanna go town to shop, but Weiling didnt want to go so we went to east point the Pet Safari there to slack. [ i hope i get the place name rite ] Then about 12+ we headed back home. We took mrt from simei and alighted at tanah merah to wait for YuQiang and he arrived within mins. And home sweet home.

At night, I went to Pets shop to buy Raven some new year clothings. aaww, he looked darn cute in them! (:

And yea, delicated to u, continue reading and u will noe its YOU whom i m refering to. I'm begining to think that u're just a fren whom i dun have to treasure. Go reflect, whenever WE asked u out. Everytime u wud say not free, not the right time to ask u out. But u owas go out wiv ur new fren rite? And so, i will not make myself angry by calling you out anymore or even going to the toilet or wad freaking shit. Go ahead and enj0y life with ur new frens or rather, 5yrs younger frenship den us.

Mabelyn : how can i make u understand that i <3 u.. its not ...