Monday, February 06, 2006

1 more wishie down again!! On sat, i went to buy my Adidas sling bag.. I dunno y.. These few days spending money like nobody business again.. I overspent this week! Imagine how much I've spend! Is like i m trying to fulfil all my wishie.. Except for the Ipod nano.. Wait till i get sick of my mp3 player and i will get nano. :D

Today, went to view cars cuz my dad wanna change his car.. I dun understand him, y does he want to change his car every 2 -3 yrs? I'm currently in love wiv his current car! I dowan him to change!

After that went to chinatown to look for his Karaok sound system.. Dont understand y he enjoying shopping on weird stuffs.. Waste my precious time.. Also bought my sista's hp there.. I was also searching my ideal hp there but didnt manage to find any phone i like.. Only got abit of liking to a Disney fone.. Damn nice! Budden looks weak and spoils easily to me.. So in the end nv buy cuz its like i just changed my fone few mths back? But i cant resist the temptation to buy new fone and my dad is not stopping me from buying! Nvm.. We shall see next mth if there is any nice fone coming out..

Before going home, we went to bugis.. I bought 6 tops.. 4 for me and 2 for my sista.. Holy.. Maybeline, stop spending and save up pls! If not u gonna be broke in no time!

Maybeline : My Mr Right Appeared