Sunday, February 12, 2006

HI! I'm here to update my blog before i go to bed.

Sigh~ I 've been rather moody lately. Hardly anyone notice it. But well, nvm. Who am i to blame? I allowed history to repeat itself. Allowed him to be the cause of my misery. Allowed him to enter my life unknowingly. But i didnt know that he entered my life after he left leaving his footprints behind. Ouch! I'm hurt.

On Fri, School ended at 1030 so me n my cliques [ The Mao Family ] went to campus heaven to have our lunch. After that went to MLC to do our project. Juliette joined us at 12pm. Around 1210, we went to Tam mall to catch I Not Stupid 2. Damn touching n nice. 6 people went 4 cried. Lols* Movie ended at 3.15 so we went home.

After my shower, i asked Huiyan if she wanna go out she said okay, so we meet at Jurong Point to wait for wendy to off work cuz i wanna see her boyfriend. Hahas* Who knows, I saw Coffee n his fren there, i was shocked when he told me he got 16points for his O lvl. Bloody good marks for him.

About 1120pm, I went to catch another movie [ Fun with Dick & Jane ] wiv Huiyan , JiaPeng n his frens. The show is just so-so but some parts are rather funny n lame. Around 1am, Huiyan n me went to hail for a cab home.

Sat - Basically nth much happened. Just another boring n MOODY day.

Maybeline : Just when i wanted to love, u left.