Monday, February 20, 2006

Hii~ I trimmed my fringe yst and i think i look like an idiot now. *crossed* Yst nite went to watch Chingay @ Jurong with Yuqiang at 9pm. It was damn crowded making us so difficult to walk! He helped me to carry Raven while walking~ We went up to a block and took lift to the highest lvl n watched Chingay from there. Clever?! lols* But there were people who were cleverer than us! Cuz when we reached the 18th storey, theres alot of people there already. lols* We didnt managed to see the fireworks. >.<

Today i woke up at 9.50am. My dad drove us into Malaysia!! Shopping spreeeee~ I trimmed my eyebrowns there n bought alot of stuffs! My mum n bro didnt bought anything i think. lols* Before going home, we went to have our dinner, a HEAVY but satisfying meal. Its 7.07pm now and i m damn boring!! I misssssssss youuuuuuuu..

Maybeline : Wo jue de wo hen ai ni !! Do you feel like the way i do?