Saturday, February 04, 2006

Hoho! 1 more wish down.. I went to get my Adidas Jacket today wiv Eileen and Cara. Cara also bought 1 wiv me cuz its time she buy a jacket, she was looking for 1 since last yr..

Yst my dad opened the letter box and handed me 1 letter.. WOOT.. I got Bursary for sch!! *grins* Money money money.. Well done Maybeline =P ..

Recently kept falling asleep in class.. Dunno y.. Its has been like that after CNY holidays.. The longest time i slept was when i was sleeping in lecture hall [ 1 hour ].. Wads happening to me? ): And wads happening to the world, the earthlings and the people ard me?! *Feel so cross*

During Nursing lesson, Ambrose was sent to my grp wiv MeiLing and Eileen.. His words n actions really made us luff our head off our neck man.. Meiling and I was damn sleepy b4 he came to our group.

Another pic took by WeiLing on the same day when i was caught slping few days ago. She sent me via bluetooth recently. I didnt notice she took pics of me. Sleeping or Daydreaming during lesson?

Mabeline : The love which was never meant to be. Dont copy. Dont copy.