Monday, February 13, 2006

I dont wanna Love anymore! Love hurts! Love no more! Yst i slept soundly thruout the night. I had a very very sweet n nice dream. But my dreams always happens opposite of the reality. Its not the first time like this. I'm owas a failure. Once a failure, foreva a failure. Each time i stand up, i fall again so whats the point of standing up which i know that i wud fall again?! How come the one u love wont love u but the one u dont love u, loves you? Its owas like this. Argh! Why is my life so melancholic. Firstly i tot u appeared, Next moment u're gone. Why izzit foreva like this? Sigh~ I need you, here with me. If not, Pls, get out of my life.

Submitted The Applications For Poly Courses Already.. Now It's All Up To Fate Says :
It breaks my heart to see u behaving like this.

Before i can reply, he offlined. Junkeat. I wanna be happy too. But I cant find my old self back. Argh! I got no mood to study at the moment! I dun wanna go sch tml! No mood for School; books and any other things!

Maybeline : LOVE NO MORE. so deep. so deep.

I tried searching for my smile back. But i failed eventually.

Finally, I found I Not Stupid 2 theme song [ Yi Sheng Jue Wang ] ! Its something like rap de.. Damn nice. MeiLing~! I feel like watching the show 2nd time also!

Maybeline : Its hard to knows wad the future show. My mind is so unclear. Let my tears clear my vision.