Saturday, February 18, 2006

Ouch! After delaying for so long i m finally back to blog! Long entry today! No more pics on Vday! Quite lazy to get them load n posted.

Basically on V day, Sch was supposed to end at 4pm but it ended at 5pm! I had to rush home n prepare to go out. I reached home at nearly 6pm. Called Derek n Huiyan to wait for me but Huiyan had alrdy knocked off from work. So i took my shower, and then prepare and left home at around 7pm. So god damn rush! Walked to Derek's bus stop to meet him, CG and CW. Then we proceeded to Lakeside to meet Huiyan. Took mrt to raffles place n meet Yuqiang cuz he was selling Roses for sch CIP and then off to town~ Went to have our dinner at ShinLin and Koba [ both @ cine ] with William. After eating, walked to Wisma to buy their bag. On our way there we saw a HUGE CHOW CHOW! Its exactly like a LION! I saw Tocky there too! Dunno hw long lata, went to Mac cafe to slack, sat down n drank some refreshments. And JiaJie came n joined us. Becoz Derek, YQ n me got sch on the very next morning, we had to leave early [ about 11pm+ or so, cant remember ] . We took bus 105 and den 154 home. Both of them alighted at my stop to take YQ's labtop [ he left it wiv me in the morning in sch b4 leaving for his CIP ] n Derek wanna borrow external harddisk from me.

On thurs, after my lesson i stayed back in sch till quite late! It was 7+ when i reached Tam MRT station so i reached home at around 8.30pm. So late. So tiring.

Today, which is also my phase test day! My phase test was supposed to start at 12.40pm but i waited till 3.20pm before it was my turn! And Yuqiang waited for me till 3.45. I didnt noe it wud end so late. Sat MRT and reached lakeside at 4.40pm. After alighting the train, we decided to go to JP and have our dinner as well as to get my labtop bag. Actually wanted to eat Long John Silver but it was too crowded so we went to eat mac instead. Next, went to popular to get my labtop's bag but the size i wanted was sold out! Argh~! Have to get it the next time i go out. Then went to search for a pair of couple watch, cuz its his dad's bdae n he wanna buy a pair of watch for his parents. Went to Vincent Watch, Casio, City Chain etc etc. Nv saw any he liked. So he called his sista n ask her to go n buy wiv him at erm dunno when~ lols* About 6pm+ we headed home taking 154. I was so tired when i reached home. Had my shower, online awhile n doze off infront of my labtop till 11pm~ omgg! How to sleep tonight?!

Maybeline : I'm loving u more n more each day! (: