Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Sch ended 1hour early today so we went for PE from 3pm - 4.30pm! Thanks to Gerontology's lecture :D

PE was fun today. A class against B class. Last week's match was damn unfair becoz of that fucking biased kayu teacher. He was A class PE teacher n as well as the refugee for the match. Last week's PE i wasnt there to watch the match cuz i was sitting down at the shelter for the whole lesson wiv my PE teacher n frens whom doesnt want to play. Then when my frens came back from the match saying A class played freaking violently. And the teacher was doing nth at all and helped them cheat! Total score was 6 : 5 so we lost by 1 ball!

My teacher was nt here today so he took A class n B class. But he freaking ignore B class students when we called him. Arsehole. So today rematch, i went to give my class support though i did not play. I went there to shout n yell @ the teacher from far. I know he heard me. We knows. I shouted " OOOOHHHH " when B class scored. " BIASED! KAYU! FUCKING REFUGEE! " when he did not penalize A class when they actually run wiv the ball, n played violent! It was like, i shouted thruout the whole PE lesson. And in the end, 2 : 7! WE WON! At the end of the lesson, my throat was damn sore.. I guessed those fren who shouted along wiv me aint feeling much better either. Lolx..

I had lotsa fun during the ride home in mrt (:

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