Friday, March 10, 2006

Many things happened over these few weeks. Damn lazy to blog out how i feel, what i do, etc etc. I'm so tired of everything.. Really tired. I need a break..

Today i woke up late and i was late for school~!! Damnit.. I cant believe that i actually forgot to set alarm yst nite. =.=" lols* I was suppose to wake up at 5.30am cuz lesson starts @ 8am today but i woke up at 6.30~!! Cant blame it. Stay in west n study in east. sigh* So i called Cara n YuQiang, asked them to make their way to sch first but YQ waited for me at LakeSide mrt and go sch together. And so~ Late together but his course late nvm one. *Envy* We reached Tanah Merah mrt station at 8am i think.. Then went to wait for bus to go sch. Guess wad? When i reached sch, the first place i went to was the toilet~! I dowan to enter the classroom wiv messy hair and sleepy look. Its freaking ugly and leaving people with an unpleasant impression. Break @ 1230, had my fav " Fish N Chips " and went to the MLC to work on our project but i fell asleep in there. Gerontology module was completed so no more lesson n resulting in 3hours break..!! Biology lesson was unable to shift forward due to phase test. So no choice. I wanted to skip that lesson but i did not do that eventually. Lesson ended at 5.30pm, went to stadium n meet YQ den cafe to meet my MAO family and we headed back home. Its 10.50pm only and i m alrdy 1/2 dead. TIRED..!!! Oh yea, i m having cough.. Duhx..

Maybeline : I cant deny that i m sad but i can pretend that i m not (: