Thursday, March 30, 2006

Time for a decent update. (:

Yst went to East Coast for class BBQ. Upon reaching there, Eileen lost her phone..! DANG. Fuck it. Went there happily and this has to happen. Therefore, her mood was greatly affected. But after an hour or so, we played, singed, yelled, n ate, her mood was back to normal again. Hahas* Eileen n Cara went to rent Bike whereas i went to rent roller blade. xD FUN FUN.. Weiling had blister or something thats y Juliette n her didnt join us. And Meiling was busy eating the hell out of her..! After blading n cycling, we drank alcohol. Steffi n her clicks joined in too. And guess wad? After drinking, Meiling n me went off to cycle straight away for dunno how freaking long. And we cycled till really really far. At 8pm, we went to return the blade n bikes. We felt like puking. Really, the feeling is awful.

Bout 9pm, some peeps wanna go off alrdy so we went together. Budden as we walked, we decided to go n play afew rounds of bowling [ Nt me. i dunno how to bowl ]. So we went to the -urm dunno where- and den visited the acrade first. xD [ how childish ] but it was fun. Hahas* Most of us there never play acrade but since some pple wanna play so we went there n i end up playing afew rounds of "something" too. lols* Then about 10.20pm *off for bowling* Only Meiling n Eileen played though. The rest were watching. And then sat cab den MRT to Jurong. Home sweet Home @ 12am. (:

Maybeline : I just cant bear to see u leave yet. Dont say gdbye.