Monday, May 01, 2006

Coffee just left. Hahas. Was damn bored today so asked him over. He left at 8.30pm SO EARLY cuz he gotta accompany his GF. So shocked to find out that he got GF le. Happy for him. Actually we drank some alcohol earlier. Think i was a little " too high " . Hahaha. This coming Tues is my dad's bdae. Still fretting on wad to buy. Maybe give him 1 red packet. Inside put $100 can le.. Hahas* Cannot blame. No money !

Flashback :: I saw 1 granny last Friday. Estimate her age. Bout 80yrs old? Alone in NUH visiting pple n having lunch. Shes so old n shes nt walking very stable n yet her kins let her go out alone?! Wah. If i'm her granddaughter or wad i rather take OFF n accompany her. If not i will be worrying like hell..! And SO. Pls be filial to ur parents or grandparents. If not u will make me hate u ! =X

Yes, I may yell or shout at my parents at times. But i still love them to bits n pieces ! Everytime i shout or yell at them, i will feel damn bad inside my heart n regret it after awhile. But i m stubborn. I wont let them know how i feel. BUT BUT BUT. We're still 1 happy family after all. =D

Labour day is so BORING ! But i love holidays =P

TOCKY. Finally... I've just changed ur URL.

ZheXin de PA is owas out. Owas neglect ZheXin. *BITES* Alright. Enuff of nagging. Back to gaming. =X

Pic of the day !
Abit small though >.<

Maybeline : somehow i feel that something is gone. NI BU ZAI. dang wo zui xu yao ai. ni que BU ZAI