Monday, April 10, 2006

Hehx ! Back for updates. kks.

This morning went to pay respects to my dead grandfather at his tomb. It is called tomb? Aint sure too. Hahas* After that went to bugis. My vain sista bought alot of stuffs whereas i only bought 1 pants, 2 top n bla bla bla. And bought YQ prezzie over there. Bought a jacket for him. But dunno if it fits him.

When i reach home, went to dye my hair. Wanna dye brown cuz those new grown hair on the top of my head all black. Actually my hair is light brown [ though cannot capture on cam ]. After the dye, become dark brown. >.<

Got alot more. But no space to post out !

Maybeline : Bu xiang rang ni zhi dao.