Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I hate to admit but i cant deny that fact that COFFEE i'm missing you ~! tsk tsk. Its like i'm soooooo dependent on him for SO many years. Hes forever there during the darkest hour of my life, owas there when ever i need him n of cuz owas there to celebrate. Ups n downs, thick n thins, hot or cold. HES OWAS THERE. Now that he is attached nothing can be the same anymore. Everything has to change. And i m sooooo not use to it. But anyway he has alrdy found his happiness so what more can i ask for?

I'm on afternoon shift tml. Not the same as HuiXing =( But its okae. I still got Eileen. Though diff ward budden we can have our dinner together. If we dont, i rather skip my dinner. Nobody cares anyway. So why do I care?!

Hate me or Love me.
Up to you.