Friday, May 05, 2006

I have been updating frequently ya? Hahas* Cuz i got nothing much to do so come n do some blogging. And ya, For the 12345th time, i changed my background music again. lol? As you know, whenever a new song is loaded into blogs, U have to wait for it to load. SO i'll appreciate it if u dont refresh n refresh just to load that song out cuz u r making it redownloading again n again. Be patient. Let it load itself. I personally feels that this song is kinda cool. x:

And instead of editing the size of my pics myself, i have put them into slides for easier viewing n clearer view in the " Pictures " column. (:

Today was pathetic. I waited for 30mins for Bus No. 154. And it took me 1hr to reach home. Of course, i was irritated at that time. The blazing sun shining on me, the polluted air made me cough. Guess pimples gonna pop out of nowhere soon. Duh. When i reached home, I took my shower n came online. Chatted wiv Coffee n saw his personal msg. " You make my life. Pls dun break it. Haizz " Hey coffee, why on earth wud she break it when she love u so much? I guess u think too much, or rather u r just being emotional? =X

Tml i m on the same shift as HuiXing. HOHO. Finally eh? *wink wink*

Maybeline : Hope to seeya on next Thurs ! Looking forward to next Thurs~