Sunday, May 21, 2006

Its nearly 3am in the morning. I'm still chatting with A. Was happily chatting away until his first acc msn kena hacked. lols* So he is nw trying to retrieve it back while i m here blogging. I'm tired ! But i cant slp. My ulcer hurts ! I 4got to blog it out in the previous entry. I have 2 ulcer in my mouth. 1 upper 1 lower. Damn. Since thursday after eating the peanuts from Huixing the ulcer is becoming more n more pain. lols* Regrets ! I will not eat peanuts again ! And not to mention that i got an ingrown nail too. Since 2 weeks ago. But its getting better nw. Though nt fully recovered yet. Dang. I feel bad. Ulcers n ingrown nails. FUCK IT. Thats life. :(

Maybeline : I wanna be remembered as the girl who owas smile even though her heart is broken.