Wednesday, May 17, 2006




:: 6 heart beating as 1 ::
For all the maoster inside~
But designed specially for BABY MAO (:

Current song : Eng version of Superwoman sang by.. Karyn White! Remember to let it load. ENJOY ! (:

Yea. Coffee is right. Time to update. Just received 1 news from my lecturer that this friday is a public holiday. WOO~ No work, no school. BUT for Monday to Thursday i m on morning shift this week. Have to wake up at 5.30am everyday n u guys noe i owas slp late cuz i cant turn in early. Its useless cuz i will be turning n tossing in bed if i turn in early. Imagine how tired i m this week? where is my 100plus, my energy drink~ [ not a drink, its a person ] :x WRU?! Hahas. U r still my prince; my favourite~~ uh uh uhhhh.. That was my msn nick some time ago. :x Hur hur.. Anyone remember?

Last Sunday went to bugis wiv my family n spent quite a BOMB ! Bought a bag again. Hahas. Spent on Bags, tops, bottoms, ring, earrings, necklace etc etc. I love the pants they sell ! Style~ Adel spent alot too ! After bugis, proceeded to Queensway, spend spend spend. Shop Shop Shop.

Kaes, Back to today. I was posted to the A&E[Ambulance & Emergency for 2 days, yst n today. At first i like that department. But after today, HELL NO. I dun think i will work there after i grad. Well, dun think it will be in hospital also =x

Something really made me feel happy yst. FROM DA BOTTOM OF MY HEART. ilu ilu ilu. Dun be mistaken, its nt abt LOVING someone. lols* Happy till i cant slp last nite. So i only slept for 3hrs+ n den have to get up n prepare for sch. [ u can say WORK. but i prefer the word SCH :D ] Damn damn.. I was like, "ARGH!! i m really damn tired tis week" And next week is not much better too. I m on morning shift everyday except for tues. WTF?! I m ardy worn out ~ Exhausted ~ Is anyone out there who is able to understand how i feel?!

Pest get lost. COPYCATS get lost. u get lost. she get lost. JUST GET LOST if u still dun have any sense of originality or shame.

Maybeline : Love isnt about finding a perfect person, Its about seeing an imperfect person perfectly. <33>