Friday, May 12, 2006

No attachment for me today cuz i went back to sch for stimulation training. Its from 8.30 to 4.30 .. Den waited for YQ to end his lesson abt 4.45pm.. I was fucking sleepy since i stepped into the sch at 8am till the end at 4.45pm ! Had to tolerate n bear with it. Then went to take mrt home.. HOHO !! I SAW ADRIANO [ from CSS ] AND I FELT FULLY RECHARGED!! WAH LAU !! He is damn cute n shuai !! Its nice to see someone u idolise so much, so near. AND I WENT HYPER, not really THAT hyper la !! Hahx. *Excited* =P I asked Eileen to use my hp n take some pics for me. hehx ! Budden most pics are quite blur maybe becuz she was shaking? Cuz she had to act not taking pictures of him if not it will be too obvious. lols* Not posting any pictures up cuz they are quite blur. Budden when u see it in my msn display picture, its quite clear. So just see the picture from there ya? Hahas.

Actually ADRIANO MADNESS is gone for quite some time already. BUT after today,
Wahahaha. ADRIANO MADNESS is back again !! AAHH ! I think i m over exaggerating n a little crude in this post. =X Forgive me cuz i'm still HYPER ! Still cant believe i saw him xD

Maybeline : Its Thursday today n i saw u after all ): hais. But i'm not that happy though
PS : I dont mean Adriano