Wednesday, May 24, 2006

SUCKS ! My hair is now so dryyyyy cuz i dyed my hair again. Ouch. Its like i have been dying my hair 1 mth 1 time?! SUCKS ! And i dyed Copper brown this time cuz i have decided to go for brown hair. BUT it turns out to be copper red ! OUCH ! izzit because i dyed red before thats y its red again? No, it cant be. Its ridiculously absurd. When i dye the next time [ hopefully i can resist so that i wont dye again within the next few mths or my hair will spoil ! ], i hope it will be brown ! I want it to be very very very brown ! Not those under light den can see one. I wan those even without light also v obvious one. I noe nursing dun allow. But since when did i ever care? =D

My ulcer still hurts. DAMN !

Maybeline : This time i swear !