Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Yo~ Hahas* I'm so so so tired. Update 1 short entry before i go n take my nap.

Yst spent soooooooo much money. I bought alot of things. hahas* Post the pictures of them out lata after i wake up from my nap. And i also spent $70 from my own pocket just to buy something. =X Just something. Guess i spent more den 100bucks in total yst.

Maybeline : BE BACK LATER !

WOW. I slept at 6pm and i woke up at 6am for sch. WOW.. How nice. After 1 week of tiring work, i finally get to sleep enough. Well, as i was saying i spent alot on sunday. Yup. No kidding.

Hahas* My newly bought plastic ring

New leathery-ribbon hp keychain =D I love it !

It has gt crystal diamond on the ribbon.
This picture makes the shoe look ugly.

And this princessssssy holder ! Its quite big n not cheap either =.=
The picture is quite dark.
MANY MANY MANY more things ! But not posting them out. Its a waste of space.
Not revealing wad i bought which cost me 70bucks. COFFEE SHH !

Wad a cute MP3 player. U can use hp's memory card for this too. Just insert it at the side to listen to the songs.
So no worries abt nt having enuff space to load ur songs ! It's Anis. so style~~
Budden i think i wanna get an Ipod Nano or a mp4 with camera. Hehx

Maybeline : Love is all about u ~!