Saturday, June 03, 2006

Hahas* Finally back. Was down wiv fever on sunday n recovered on wed. But i forced myself to get up for sch these few days. I felt really weak n moody back in the ward. And i lost my voice on wednesday onwards. Till now, its friday alrdy but i m still a MUTE ! I got no voice at all ! The new ward which we were assigned to is terrible. Its like hell in there. Everyday i have to tell myself to endure n bear wiv those fucked up people working there. I'm starting my night shift next week. COOL ! 9pm to 7am in the ward. Now i have to face them even longer. DAMN ! I'm suffering.

And ya, 1 wishie down. Bought a pair of nike shoe on last sun (: Seriously, i'm broke. This month spent toooooooo much alrdy. Need to be thrifty n learn to save up already. Post the pic of it tml. Havent load it into com yet.

After watching FULL HOUSE, which was sent by Derek on sat. IM SO ADDICTED TO THAT SHOW. And of cuz RAIN ! JUNG JI-HOON !! Hes so freaking CUTE. lols. damn damn. How can 1 be so cool yet cute at the same time?! lols* I like the OST n all the songs in that song too. Gonna change my blog's background song to the theme too.* soon, i hope * hahas.. JUNG JI-HOON ROCKS ! After sending those video to my external harddisk, then i xfer them to my labtop, we slacked, ate our dinner n chatted til 12am+ n we headed back home. Lols. So many things to say? Its all about him n her la. 1 stubborn guy ! lols*

Episode 19 onwards got error so i met Derek again on wed at mac. Hahas* Have to carry our heavy labtop to mac again.. He ate his dinner while i watch my full house. Hahas. Then went to my house to play " Maple " cuz i got wireless and mac's wireless is too lag for maple. KIDS ! Maple is boring. lol. Played for 2hrs i think then he went home at 11pm+ cuz we got sch tml. And i was on the morning shift the day after.

Maybeline : The moment u r gone, i cant find the old u back anymore. no.. nt anymore..