Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I m angry with god.
He never seems to understand my prayers
nor my troubles, never.
Always leaving me in a dilemma.
lost n cold.
No idea of which path i should go.

God, listen to me.
And answer me truthfully.
Can i have the most beautiful thing on earth?
Which is wad everyone called it love.

But its okay,
life was never easy n neither will it be.
I dun need a reason to blame god
for wads happening in my life.
Cuz i'll just sit here n wait
for the fruitful ending.
The cup of my deservings (eventually).

Yst i went to bugis with my family. After that went to some plaza which i really cant remember the name at all. lols* I bought a belt with a big crown in front ! *post the pic the next time i blog* Then about 6pm, Adel n i went to look for Derek with the intention of getting back my external harddisk. But end up the 3 of us went to 2 places to look for his new phone. He wanted a LG chocolate badly. lol* And of cuz, due to our determination, we found it eventually. Ahh. His birthday is coming, i m still fretting on wad to get for him. sigh~ Guys prezzie is the hardest thing to shop for. tsk tsk.

Maybeline : Loving you is like falling sick. Cuz i can never get well.