Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Well, ha.. Guess its time to update. Was on night shift on last thurs n friday. COOL?! Its 9pm - 7am !! 10hrs of work ! And i was partner-ed with Leigh n Suat Hui. Wah lau ~ 1 aged 23 and 1 aged 41. HAHAHA ! I got nth to say to them at all. No topic to talk. No nothing at all.. So during break time i just listen to my mp3. But actually i like night shift despite the fact that i was really tired on saturday when i left the hospital n headed back to my cosy house. I was like, omg.. i will blackout any time, any min , any sec ! Any my contact lens were like.. damn dry alrdy and i have VERY blur vision then. Budden i managed to reach home w/o missing my stop la. Hahas*

Because of 1 days nite shift, i was entittled to 2 day off too. Hahas! So i dun have to go sch on mon n tues. Now is Wed le =( Time to go back to sch. No more day off. SIGH~

These 2 days was busy helping A.with his blog and gaming. HAHA ~ gaming? =x

Hahas* And not forgetting my Nike shoe (:
Took this pic along my staircase thats y gt the railing thingy. huh? railing? aiya dunno la. lol

Maybeline : Why cant i ever get u out of my mind? Maybe becuz u r just meant to be there..