Friday, July 21, 2006

As usual, morning call again. hahas. *winks*

HAHA ! School ended 1hr earlier again. Was supposed to end at 5pm :D:D

After school, i wanted to go to tamp mall's popular to get some files for my notes but no pple wanted to accompany me there except for Huixing. ): Heartless mao family.. Haha.. No la. Actually its because tml we r going to tamp mall for lunch (i suppose?) and somewhere near there for kbox so i can go n get my file at the same time. So today i didnt went there. YaY ! Tml schools ending at 1pm..! Gonna slack at Kbox from 2 - 7pm :D

Instead, I went to library to borrow some books (WOW? Maybeline borrowing books?!) with eileen and cara. Haha. Then went to eat Kobayashi again ! weeets ! Nice.

Meiling's new bag ! My pillow in class :x
Thats wad i do when i'm bored or sleepy x: (during lesson)

tired.. tired.. tired..

Maybeline : One minute u r there, the other minute u're gone again.


Shit. Is tamp's kbox closed?!
Damn ! Sadded =/