Friday, July 07, 2006

HAHA ! I stepped out of house today.

BTW, IS MY BLOG LAGGY ? Please tag in my tagboard to let me noe if it is or its not. Cuz some pple complained that its laggy, but when i come in, it loads finish within 1sec - 3sec :/ tag n tell me pls, so that i can do something about it. Appreciated !

Suddenly, yst night i got the thinking that my College East friends are like merely no more than classmates or rather lets put it this way. Classmates who clicks along well compared to the other classmates. Cuz its like we nv hangout often and its nt that we nv ask each other out. Its like this 1 nt free, that 1 nt free, this 1 dun feel like going out, that 1 wanna stay at home. And the only time we hangout is during our free time after sch and before the next lesson starts? mmm. Are we going to lose contact after this course is over? HA.. I guess so? I dunno how and y i got this mindset but dont u think its true? its bothering me alot too. :\ Was it meant to be like this? No. i hope not.

Anyway, lets get back to the topic yea. I went to Bugis with Cara and Wendy. Met them at 2pm @ Jurong Point MRT station. The first thing we reached bugis was to take NEOPRINTS :DD. And den we shop around at parco before we proceed to the bugis street. Wendy bought a hip pants and Cara bought a belt. HAHA ! I bought nothing ! Bought 4.30, Cara left to meet her SEC sch friends for dinner. So wendy n me wandered around for 30mins before heading back to the west to meet her boyfriend. Upon reaching, i called Coffee and asked him to join us too. Its like a SEC sch gathering. Haha. Pity Huiyan couldnt join us because of her work. But i believe there will be a next time ya? :D When the 4 of us [ wendy, wendy's bf ADRIAN, me and coffee ] meet, the first thing we did was go into the arcade. WAH LAU ! Its like 2 yrs since i last stepped into an arcade lor ! lol. Actually i feel lost ! Budden i played few rds of games la. I find playing arcade a waste of money =X But its okay ! At least it was fun :D At 8pm we went for dinner at KFC. Yum Yum. And its like the first meal of my day? lol.. After eating we went to all sort of places we can think of, Toyrus, Kiddy palace, royal sporting house etc etc. And we left the place at 9pm. Love u all. PS:: Wendy n adrian, dun be so loving infront of us and make me jealous ! :p

After hiding for so long, so long.. The feeling for ******** still come n goes often. Its not that i cant forget. Its just that i cant bring myself to forget. I've tried. I've tried all ways n means to forget. I cant. I failed. I dun wanna cry. I dun wan all these negative feeling anymore. TSK. What has gotten over me. I m exceptionally sad today. Maybe becuz i saw ur reaction to some... things.. some... one.. Sad till i was trying to keep my mind occupied with other things after i saw it. Wads becoming of me. How on earth did i fall in love wiv u i dunno and i dun wanna noe, dun wanna love u no more. Dun wanna hide no more. Why must i keep all this in my heart n not letting anyone know after so long? I may seems happy on the outside but i m really sad deep down inside. Knowing that loving u hurts, why do i still love u so. SOMEONE LEAD ME OUT OF THIS PLS !

Click on it for a bigger view :D

Haha, thats me before going out. DA TOU TIE ^0^

Another Pic, UPPPPside down :p

US in the toilet. hahaha. I look like an alien in the picture. SO FAT, SO MESSY

Maybeline : u made me speechles once more.