Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Hahas. Click to enlarge that picture. I woke up at 11am. Basically i was slacking at home for the whole day. Really got nothing to do so i went to design some rubbish. Re-design coffee's blog too. Cuz he have been using that skin for the past 1 year? Just now watched the 8pm show on chan 8. Its something like Japan's " Chao ji bian bian bian " Though chan8 de very cute la budden i still prefer Japan's. And i had maggie for both lunch and dinner ): So pathetic can! Cuz i was too lazy to go out n look for food =X My mum wanted to go n buy dinner for me budden i dunno wad to eat so... haha.. Ohya ! i 4got to mention that Adel went for chalet 4days 3 nights. I have the whole room to myself for 4days ! How great :D hahahas. Budden i cant be damn bored at the same time too. ):

Hopefully i can get to eat mcdonald's breakfast tomorrow :D

Nothing to do. So help some friends make some animations. Some requested, some gifts. Anyway i love all of them =D Though some same la, budden i still think they look nice =X Budden me myself like adel's design most. maybe i shd create 1 more of that design with my name in it. hehe..