Sunday, July 16, 2006

HIGH HIGH HIGH @ Kbox wiv the MAOs on thursday

Happy 18th Birthday DEREK ! Yesterday about 8pm sharp. I was lying on my bed watching television. Then chye guan called me n ask me to go out n help them [ him n yuqiang ] to buy a cake for derek's bdae. I went out unwillingly lol. Cuz its like " wth, at this time? y dun tell me earlier. " So i took bus and went to the nearest cake shop n bought a 1kg chocolate cake.

Bout 12mn they called me to go downstairs without bringing the cake first. So i was like " huh? so late alrdy still dowan to take the cake ar? " I went down, they said derek wud only reach home at 3.30am in the morning. Waaaaah ! Then i asked my dad if they could wait at my house [ chyeguan suggested it ] so he said yes n they came up at 12.15? At 2.45am, their spy called n said derek left the place alrdy. So we quickly went to his block, outside his house, at the staircase there n prepare the cake, candles n etc. Waited n waited. 3.15.. 3.20.. Then at 3.30am i called him lying to him that i waited for him to come online since 12mn but hes never online. He believed n say that he just got off from cab. Going home nw. whahaha. Then we faster light the candle. When he came out of the lift, they sang him a birthday song wiv cg holding the cake. He was like damn shocked. " wth wth... y never tell me.. how long u all wait.. omg.. " He must be damn surprised ! He went to hug cg and yq.. aaww.. :D We went in to his house n finish the cake. woooo ~ cream ! FAT ._. Took some pictures and then they gave him his present. A CLOCK ! whahaha. In chinese , " song zhong " Adel n me left his place at 4.30 n then we went home slp.. Actually we all wanted to eat mac breakfast at 6am budden none can wake up on time !

I love mac's egg muffin
I love white chocolate
I miss school
But i hate to go back to sch 1 week earlier than other courses. ):

I seriously need to get some vit C tablets.

As for today, i went the salon n got my fringe trimmed. :D

Maybeline : Happy birthday derek !