Thursday, July 06, 2006

Slept at 4am in the morning and woke up at 1pm =X Hahas. Around 3pm, went to have my lunch at mac wiv Derek. Then i acc him to go n have his haircut. And we reached home at 5pm. BORING DAY ! Budden i smsed someone and trick him la. whahaha.. When i reach home, Raven was following me around. lol damn cute ! I go toilet, he wait for me outside the toilet. I go to my mum's room, he follow behind me and sit next to me. hahaha ~ CUTE CUTE CUTE !!

I look like shit now. =( Cuz my fringe is just soooo long. I swear i m going to get it cut next week before the sch starts ! SAD AR. sad sad sad.. shitty look. shit shit sad sad.

Really big bubble gum ! Even just 1 is bigger than a 50cent coin !

This is no normal lollipop ! Its XXL in size and chewing gum added. Here cannot see the size la budden really damn big ! Bigger den ur mouth i guess. whaha

Maybeline : hand in hand, we'll count the stars together..