Monday, July 10, 2006

WOOO. Today we went to some kind of beach and den it started to pour. The main purpose for going there was to let Raven [ in case anyone dunno, Raven is my dog ] enjoy himself wiv other dogs. But before proceeding there, my dad drove us to Tiong Baru to exchange some things and i went there to look for big [ not so big also la ] white hairband too. But no more white ones =( Then we went to farmart which is at CCK, went there to look ard at the pet shop. Bet Raven was enjoying himself. :D And then finally to the beach ! We went there despite knowing that it was going to rain soon. But my dad says that it is nice to actually play n walk under the rain once in a blue moon. SO the whole family went high ! Including Raven. HAHA ! Luckily there was no thunder nor lightning. The whole family was drenched except for my mum. She was under the umbrella and was shouting for us to come under the umbrella too. Den i play play talk back " we r out to enjoy, come play wiv us dun at there kpkb " =X Play play only ! Then my dad damn funny, he said " Ya la ! Talk somemore i throw u into the sea to make u wet " [ in a play play tone also ] Then we were like " hahahahahaha " Damn funny can. After an hour or so, we went back, the whole car was wet ! We quickly took a shower when we reach home.

Adel n me helped Raven to shower first before we shower ourselves. Hahas. After showering, we [ adel n me ] went out to meet her bf and coffee. Went to look for my white hairband again !

UPDATE LATA ! My labtop is running out of battery and desktop is in use ! ))):