Thursday, July 13, 2006

Yesterday, i went to CauseWayPoint with Eileen :D:D LOVE YOU LOTS ! Shes soooooo fun to be with. Sooooooo GOOD to have. We bought 1 necklace each. hehx. And alot of 2pid stuffs la. :D See her blog for a detail update. I'm quite lazy now =X


Today went to town with Wendy n huiyan. HEE ! Secondary sch life ~ Weee. Had lots of fun. Was teasing each other everywhere we went and we took 2 neoprints from 2 different machine; from far east to cine ! Had Kobayashi for dinner. And i reached home at 12am. ^^ Miss u guys ~ Huiyan Wendy Huiyan Wendy. U guys rock my life :D

Tml i m going to kbox wiv my MAO family. woooo ~ Another grp of peeps who rocks my life :D

And... I'm going to KISS goodbye to my fringe on sat. Back to the layered fringe. :D Cant wait to cut it. Esp when i look into the mirror n see the long fringe..... aww. shit-y look >.<

Maybeline : Will u ever come to my blog n see-see like u visit hers daily ?