Saturday, August 19, 2006

Dunno y feel SO SO sleepy everyday.
Yes, even now.

We went to MeiLing's house @ changi today.
Not to play of cause but to do project. :D
* we as in ME, Cara and eileen *

It was damn fun !
Full like hell. Lol.
And we took hell lots of pictures.
Love them to bits n pieces.
And the good thing was we managed to finish ALMOST everything.
We stayed there for 7hours and had cup noodles for dinner !

When we were about to leave @ 8pm,
while wearing our socks at the doorstep,
Crystal ( meiling's dog ) barked from the garden.
We thought she was coming,
and then i CRAWLED back into the house !
Eileen n Cara jumpped back !

A malay friend tied it for me some days ago. hehe..
Freaking sleepy after eating the cup noodles.
Anyway its another messy pic. hahs.
LOOK ! Eileen with make-up !
waahh. Cara's getting married :(
hahs. Shes getting ready for the photo shoot.
Pretty pretty bitchyLing !

There were some stupid looking animations of them.
They dun allow me to post it ):
Wahahas. Nvm.
But it is REALLY REALLY funny.

Maybeline : How am i going to be strong without u by my side..