Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Had NAPFA yesterday.
Tomorrow's PE is cancelled.

Ran that stupid 2.4km yesterday and ended up with muscle spasm.
Its damn pain. Cant sleep well too.
And the problem is.
i think i flunk it ~
and that means i gotta re-run.

And i actually thought that i was dying yesterday !
Here pain there pain ( esp stomach ! )
and was lying on the bed for sometime without any strength.
The feeling was helpless and awfully SICK.

Was too tired after NAPFA so slept during lesson.
* Its nt the first time anyway :x *

Had Kobayashi for dinner 2 days in a row !
Yum yum..
And theres a newly opened Kobayashi at East Point !
I'm all smileys.

Projects n projects. urgh.

Maybeline : Dont lie to me pls. I hope its not a lie. Just tell me the truth.