Monday, August 14, 2006

I just reached home.
Firstly, i wanna say sorry.
It was a last min decision to extend my stay at my grandma's house.
And thats y i m unable to upload pics.
I'm the cause for the quarrel.
so so sorry.

SICK LAH ~ I cannot stand people with mood swing. I can get really pissed off and irritated by them. And i mean REALLY REALLY sick.

In School.
Meiling : I noticed u like guys who wear specs.
ME : Where got?!
Meiling : Got ! See ar, u like "this and that idol" all got wear specs onez.
ME : Oh ! Cause they got small eyes ma =X
ME : I think i prefer guys with small eyes. So mesmerizing can !

And that explains y i idolise RAIN so so much :D:D

I cant bear to go home today. I still wanna stay there !
I attended nail art course on friday.
Me n my friends signed up for it in school.
It was pretty interesting !

Many years from now, when life has changed in more ways tha i can imagine, i kow i'll still think of you knowing u made a difference in my life. (:

Pictures ; Pictures ; Pictures
Look at my eyes ! I was so freaking sleepy. And i had to get up at 8am ! *whines*

On National Day

some neoprints taken on national day too ^^

Pretty funny ya? :D

The nail art course
Pretty pretty nails
My dog ! My love :D
Maybeline : I dun wanna think of u !