Monday, August 07, 2006

Nerdy Specs.

I've got a blister on my ankle ! And it hurt like lots !

Teehee ! Because i was damn bored yst,
I travelled to my grandma's house alone
brought my labtop and LOTS of food for her. *heavy heavy bag*

Its was my first time going there VIA bus.
And the last time i travelled there VIA bus was with my aunt and was like 10yrs ago?
cuz my dad wud drive us there if we wanna go over.

And somehow i got lost.
whahaha. damnit.

Actually i just wan to visit her but i ended up staying over there.
And then my aunt sent me home today cuz i gt sch tml.

Staying over there makes my mind so so relax :D


Was on the fone with Weiling and Eileen just nw.
CRAPPERS ! hahaha. Love u guys :D
muahs muahs <3

Taken after running ! With my specs on, plus that messy hair, i look like a NERD ! wahaha.. Damn

Maybeline : Feel so relax after the stay. Cuz its like i managed to put everything down :D