Sunday, August 27, 2006

BCLS is over.
Its a disaster !
Was caught for my multi black earsticks :(

I hate doing CPR.
Because of passing,
I got myself a nice BIG blueblack on my butt.
And the joint of my right hand was damn pain !
I hope its not fractured.
Doctor tomorrow.

The journey back home is always FUN.
And then there was this particular day where we went back with Ambrose.
He took a candid shot of us.
Then he sent us the pic,
I zoomed in n notice that weiling was actually looking right at the cam !
(Us as in ME, WL, EeLynn n Cara)

Went to tmall , century square n eastpoint on this n that day (:

As for today,
I went out at 9pm.
Dad drove me n Adel to meet coffee.
We went to play POOL !

Next we went to slack at Mcdonalds for awhile.
It was like so late alrdy.
And i dun wanna take cab or bus home
So we waited for my dad to fetch us n send us home.
Home sweet Home @ 1.30am sharp (:

I took it when hes aiming :D
I bought this today !
And i love it soooooo.
So fluffy ~ So cute.

Found this pic.
It was taken @ ML's house when doing project.
And i look kinda weird becuz of my fringe. *pouts*