Sunday, October 01, 2006

-edited- x2times

I finish the 2 mooncakes my mum bought that day.
2 in 2 days.
And today,
She bought another 4 more [ a box ].
Double WOOOOO.
Mooncake fetish.
Fat Fat Fat.
Double fat.
Triple fat.

And Meiling told me to download AuditionSEA to play with her.
In the end there was some prob and she couldnt play.
So i had to play alone.
FUN ! But i m sooooo noob.



Cbox wil be deleted tomorrow.
And wendy told me that theres error in her com.
She cant open the new comment box.
Sad. ):

Went to mac yesterday to watch DVD. [ with YQ ]
High School Muscial !
But he was doing his things and i was focusing on my show.
The song they sang were fantastic !
Zac Efron is soooooooooooooooooooo CUTE !
And Vanessa Anne Hudgens is soo pretty inside !
-2 thumbs up for this show.

Supposed to go gym with Derek and HuiYan.
But due to the fact that it is going to rain,
We cancelled it.
Gonna stay at home today.

My mum bought mookcakes 2 days ago,
To satisfy my craving.
I love mooncakes.
Especially double yolk.
Yum yumm..

Heard that there is Mr and Miss ITE.
As promised,
Sms F15 to 90433628 to vote for Cheryll !!
Only 5cents/msg.
Normal sms charge.
If u got aloooot of free sms per mth,
Shes damn pretty i tell u.
Well, models have to be pretty wad. rightz?!
If the judges are fair, i guess she will win for sure.
x: x: x:

Seen enough?!
Start voting !

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