Sunday, September 10, 2006

I went to KhianHuat's bdae BBQ on Friday.
* It was a surprise party !
Mingyu planned the whole thing :D
KH dun even have the slightest idea of it.*

Reached there at 7.30pm.
It took the guys sometime to start a fire.
And then when the fire was started,
it started to pour.
So SUAY. lol; So we went to hide in the shelter.
The rain was getting bigger n bigger.
But fortunately, the rain stopped 30mins later. (:

When KH and MY arrived,
they were both soaked like hell !
aaww.. How romantic..
They strolled under the rain.

BBQ ; ATE ; Sang bdae song DAMN FULL !

MY's friends left.

After everything, We played hell lots of games like, " Zhong ji mi ma " ;
and also a game which Jacky Wu played in his show. Go Go Jacky, Jacky Go.
I was the winning one initally.
Didnt lose in any of the game.

Till they change the game to making funny faces.
Whoever laugh shall get it.
And of cuz, I was the loser lahz!
How can i stand laughing. How can i control ;(
Was made to drink 2 whole cup of mixed drinks. Yucks.
( green tea + Coke + Orange + Zapple + Ice lemon tea )
I hate green tea. I hate Ice lemon tea.
They purposely poured alooot of green tea knowing that i dont dare to drink it
But overall, i think CG and Derek made th stupid-est face i've ever seen !

After playing, we went to sit at the beach..
Talk talk talk. Sing sing sing. Crap crap crap

We wanted to stay over at there but Derek insist on going back at 2am.
So we took cab to the west side and slack in a 24hr Mcdonald.
He slacked with us of cause. :D
I was like already half dead.
I dont know how and dont know y i fell asleep there.
lol. Slept for an hour.
Then the guys's voice woke me up.
Talked so loud !
Saw MingYu sleeping too.

Derek ate Mac breakfast at 4pm. lol?
We went home at 6am?? Forgot the time. Was damn sleepy.
Left HuiYan with them because i was tooooo tired.
So i went home and slept till 3pm :O

Actually i got afew pictures to post.
But i deleted them by accident ! ;(
Left with 1 blur pic.

HeHehez! CG was punished to finish the whole cake !


I went to chinatown to shop with my family.
Bought 1 top.
JUST 1 ! ;(
Cause its like, almost nothing for me to shop?!

My fringe was messy thanks to the wind !
I unwind the car's window and ended up like this.

PS : My fringe is long now :D

Made myself some new blinkies :D

Maybeline : Each time i look at you; I cant help but feel so sad ; so hurtz.