Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Steve Irwin the famous crocodile hunter died while fliming.

I used to watch his show when i was young.

urgg. Another life, another talent lost.
And his kids are like still so young aged 8 and 3.

Hes the bravest ever. :')
In my memory, u'll forever stay.



Went to do Project @ Bugis on saturday.
Boring life.
Went to trim my hair too. Cuz its toooo long.
And then went out with family for dinner @ night.
Shopped a little. Bought 1 top, earrings, n a belt

On Sunday i went to bugis(again)
But this time, with my family.
Shopped again. whaha.
This time i bought 3top and a watch.

Freaking cute rightz?! whahaha..

On Cara's Bed. heh hehhhhh..

I'm the one in the middle :D

whahaha.. kiddy n my new watch. LOVEEEE the watch :D

Looking sweaty with Small eyes !
Look at Weiling's hair ! PERMED :O

Maybeline : Cant i give in all my tomorrow for just one happy day with you?