Friday, September 08, 2006

Took class photo under the blazing sun today !
Was caught for my short skirt ;(

Bloody sun makes the weather hot and warm.
And i sweat n sweat.
Then my hair went messy again. ;(

Stayed back in school for 2hours to do project ;(

Look @ our eyes. Cant even take pictures properly.
Look arefully n u will see tears in ML's face .
Cuz we r wearing contact lens.
Thats y it hurts under the sun.

So auntie rightz?! See my fringe. raahs !

Look at my skirt. Hahaha.. wad a pose..

The MAO Family. Except for Meiling cause shes the camera man.

ML and Ambrose :D

Maybeline : I wanna hear my phone ring and see ur name !