Saturday, September 16, 2006

Went out to study with my bestie Wendy yst :D
Study; play; study; play
Made some blinkies for her.
Crapped and talked hell lots !
Yea.. Going on 6 yrs and still counting on !

Coffee and Adrian ( wendy's bf ) came to find us in the evening.
My dad came n pick me n coffee up for dinner.
Eat; shop; eat; shop n lastly, revise
Reached home at 1am (:
Bits and pieces of Behavioural Science went into my memory

Woke up at 2pm?!?!
Went out to eat n shop abit.
Bought a top which i really likeeeeed !
Home after that.
Coffee helped me with my revision.

Am currently having exams.
If u want blinkie, add me @ msn
but will only be able to make blinkie for u after tuesday.
Not real email. But still can use that to get through me

I like the first blinkie. Wendy and me. (:



Link me (: