Saturday, September 30, 2006

With effect from 1st Oct,
Please use the comment box located under " Site Stats "
Cbox will be deleted [:

Ahhh.. The wordings for the comment box is like so small.
( Click here to comment / view tags ! <3 )
Saw it under " Site Stats " ?
Despite knowing that if i use this,
lesser people will tag
But i feel that this comment box is much better.
So nvm.
Less tags or more tags is the same.

But start tagging at my comment box instead of my Cbox alright?

@ 5.21pm


I m going to change my Tagboard later.
Not going to use Cbox anymore.
Hahaha.. Accidentally deleted all my tags in Cbox.
And i noticed that Cbox doesnt show IPs anymore.

Yesterday went to meet up with HuiYan and Wendy.
Wanted to buy a pants.
But after wendy and me tried it,
it was like ....
So didnt bought it.
Saw a cardigan might be getting it during Sunday.
Depends if i have the time anot.

Bought alooooooot of Sushi. :D
Fun fun.
We were talking about our past in McCafe.
Hahahahs. Then when I asked wendy something about * at Tamp mall.
We burst out in laughters.
Whahahs. Wendy ! I'm not going to forget that !

My Holiday is like filled with so much joy and laughters.
Esp with the Ichiban(s) and of cuz HuiYan.

HuiYan and Wendy with her new haircut.

FATmay and LITTLEwendy

Did u went "wow" ? lol

Maybeline : Many loves to da ichiban(s) [: