Friday, September 15, 2006

Today is our last day of school.
Was damn sad.

During our last lesson, Miss Lim prepared a speech for us.
We were her first batch, first class.
Made me cried again ; especially when she came to hug us.
Grr ~ Its been a loooooooooooooong time since i last cried in school.
This year, 2 times. All because of Miss Lim.
1 time on teachers' day.
and 1 time today.
Shes the best teacher ever.
Its fated that she must come back from UK.
Its fated that we are her students.
Its all fated before we were even born.
Miss Lim, I wish u all the best (:

Went to Tmall's NTUC yesterday.
Just to get some instant noodles :x
Took some funny pictures in the bus.
Then off to Cara's house with WL and Eileen.
Took cab home. (:

School ended at 12pm today.
Went to cafe for lunch and then home.
Was damn damn full !
Dinner at Mac with Derek @ 7pm.
Could hardly eat but still went there.
Saw alot of police ~
Heard from the crew @ mac that a fight broke out just now.
woah !

Exams next week. ;(
and i haven start my revision..

hehe haha hoho.

Look at how empty the train is !
Thats Eileen. .... and my shoe =P