Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Yay! Exams is over.
Shall now declare that HOLIDAY is here :D
3 cheers!

Should be happy but NO.
Because next term,
my clinical lecturer is the worst one ever !
Yes, she can be very nice at times or rather, most of the time.
But when shes angry, its DAMN scary.
And she is really really REALLY strict in everything !
Almost the whole school is afraid of her.

Anyway after our papers,
We went to Bugis to get Cara's bdae prezzie.
(Eileen, ML, WL, Cara n Me)
We asked her along because we want to buy something that she likes.
Rather than choosing ourselves and ending up she dun like it.
Though she chose it herself,
We hope she really like it.
And i mean REALLY :D

Town tomorrow
Cant wait.
Going to eat Suki Sushi @ Cine.
And then Kbox !
Actually its a mini celebration for Cara.
Whose bdae falls on the Thurs.
Speaking of that, something really makes me mad.
Well, not really mad.
But NOT happy though.
Shall not say it to prevent further conflicts.

Look at this !
YQ gave me this web.

And now, blinkies.
Hey guys ! If its ugly i'm sorry.
Just leave a msg and i'll redo ok?
Cuz i got no inspirations at the moment
:x :x :x
You can save and host the blinkie urself.

Maybeline : Unclear mind.

This is for..... anyone? (: