Sunday, October 22, 2006

Darkest Moment Of My Life

You know,
Friends walk in n out of ur life.
But the true one sits in ur heart,
and accompany u thru the rains n storms u have to face outside.
And i know who left a footprint in my heart,
Who always have,
And who never will.
I love all my friends who are always there for me.
And i mean ALWAYS. [:

And when im in the darkest moment of my life,
Someone SomeCat was being SO sarcastic about it.
She wanna rub salt on my wound.
But she doesnt know,
That hers has yet to come.
Just that it is waiting for the right time.


Mood : Moody

Wendy? [:

Life is not so good for me these days.
Its a long long story.
People in the same hospital as me should know.

Was on afternoon shift as Eileen n Huixing yesterday.
But was too busy n too moody to really talk.
And yesterday was my last day in that ward.
I'll miss all my patients.
And to my surprise,
before i leave the ward,
One of my patient's relative ask me after i grad,
Can i help them to take care of her sick sister?
I went " wow ", Smiled back and say " Im not experienced enough to. "

My chauffeur picked me up after work.
Reach home at 8.15pm.
Decided to not stay at home as i was really moody.
So i showered n went out.
Dragged Adel out too.
Went to Superbowl to find YQ n his 2 neighbours.
After bowling, they went to play pool.

Home sweet home at 12mn [:

Heard that Blood Donation Drive is coming soon.
Am going to give my fullest support by travelling back to sch
Just to donate blood.
I wanna help to save life too !


So like today, dragged myself out of bed at 11.30am
Slacked n talked alittle in MSN.
Met YQ for lunch at 2.30pm

Went to his house for awhile,
Played " Winning Eleven(?) " for 5mins.
His nephew, Max, is damn cuteee !
Love all his little actions.
And the way he laughs !
Aawww !

So like went out with my Daddy just now to do some research for his " Snack Bar ".
And went to walk abit to see which handphone should i buy.
Singtel called me and asked me if im going to upgrade my plan.
Yes of cause.
But i need time to find a phone which i really like right?!

Am just so boring now.
So like, i m now slacking and rotting around.

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